5 Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods and How to Install Them (2024)

Mods provide a unique experience to Risk of Rain 2. At this time, mods are externally installed for the game. Modding the game doesn’t interrupt any achievement progress, and the only game mode that cannot be accessed while modding is the Prismatic Trial game mode, which restricts you from 2 achievements that you can still get while you have mods disabled.

Hopoo Games had announced in the past that they intend on having officially supported modding for the game, but for the time being, you will have to rely on R2Modman. R2Modman is a mod manager that you can access on https://thunderstore.io/package/ebkr/r2modman/. The program provides modding support for other games like GTFO, Inscryption, Subnautica, V Rising, Valheim, and several other communities.

This article will walk you through how to install Risk of Rain 2 mods with R2Modman and which mods are the best and most fun to play with.

How to Install Mods in Risk of Rain 2

Step 1 – Installing R2Modman

In order to begin installing R2Modman, you must first go to The R2Modman Install Page. Installing the program requires no login, subscription, or hidden fees. Simply click on Manual Download, the second button next to “Install with Mod Manager ”, and you will install a zip file titled ebkr-r2modman, followed by a sequence of numbers that indicate the release version of the install.

Once the zip file is fully installed, you may follow the Readme if you’re not a Windows user. If you are a Windows user, simply run the Setup .exe file, titled the same version as the zip file. Follow the prompts, and make sure that the location you install R2Modman at isn’t inside any directory associated with Risk of Rain 2 since it might conflict with the game.

R2Modman will provide you with a list of games and features its own “Profiles,” where you can save groups of mods together and easily share them with friends.

Whenever you launch R2Modman, you will be able to change your selected Profile, import Profiles, and choose different games. Once you select a profile, you can finally add mods to it.

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Step 2 – Installing Mods Using R2Modman

Unlike most third-party mod managers, R2Modman doesn’t require you to go to their website to install their mods outside the client. You can install their mods through Thunderstore.io by pressing the “Install with Mod Manager” button on any mod.

If you wish to download mods in a more convenient manner, the “Online” section of the client after selecting a Profile allows you to search through Thunderstore’s mods, using a variety of search conditions.

Nearly any component of Risk of Rain 2 has a mod to change it to fit the will of the player. You may search for mods by update date, alphabetical order, download count, and rating. You may also search for specific categories, including Artifacts, Audio, Client-Side, Emotes, Enemies, and more. If you are looking for something more specific, you can always look up a word that would be included in the title or description of a mod using the Search Bar.

Once you pick your mods, you can launch the game with the installed mods by pressing the “Start Modded” button in the top left. The “Start Vanilla” button launches the game as normal. Once a mod has been launched for the first time, you can change mod-specific settings in the Config Editor in the bottom left, changing the specific mechanics of a mod to your liking. For example, if you have the “MobileTurretBuff” mod, you can change the range, damage, and attack of the turrets because they are the ones being affected by the mod.

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What You Can Do With Mods in Risk of Rain 2

Mods allow you to completely customize how Risk of Rain 2 operates, changing client-side effects like your HUD or adding brand new stuff to the game. There are a lot of different sections the modding community offers, but there are some notable favorites.

If you ever wanted to experiment, grew tired of seeing the same items, and wanted more randomness in your runs, you can install some item modes. Some modes change how specific items work or interact with Survivors. These mods have a wide range of uses, from adding old items back into the game from Risk of Rain 1m to completely new community-made items.

For example, there are mods allowing you to scrap your Broken delicate Watches or Empty Power Elixirs. Another mod can upgrade Lysate Cell to grant Engineer more turrets or give Captain extra charges of his Special ability.

Character mods are also extremely popular, ranging from adding in old characters from the first game to giving you the ability to play as monsters or bosses. Some mods add completely original characters or from another game franchise like League of Legends. Some of our favorite mods come from the quality of life section and offer different UI changes or minor adjustments to the game without making it feel too drastically changed.

The 5 Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods

We personally prefer mods that enhance the game experience without significantly altering the flow of gameplay. Although there are great character mods and item mods, we like mods that make the game feel more consistent. When you install these mods, you need to make sure you download their listed Dependencies, or they won’t function.

Lunar Coins are inconvenient to obtain due to their low drop rates, especially if you’re playing with other players in Multiplayer. If you aren’t fast enough, your friends will quickly snatch all the Lunar Coins from you if you aren’t hanging around people who wish to share.

LunarCoinShareOnPickup is a simple mod that does exactly as it says. It allows the entire server to get a Lunar Coin every time someone obtains one from a drop, not from defeating a boss like Mithrix or Voidling. This mod is straightforward but makes this metagame currency less painful in the eyes of multiplayer lobbies.

4. TeleporterShowRedux

Do you occasionally get lost trying to find the teleporter after thoroughly clearing a stage, only to forget where you initially saw it? TeleporterShowRedux permanently marks Teleporters when you ping them, making your runs less painful for those with directional problems. We highly recommend it, especially if you’re playing on higher difficulties.

3. TooManyFriends

Although Risk of Rain 2 is incredibly fun to play with your friends, you might be discouraged to discover that the game only features Multiplayer with up to 4 players. TooManyFriends fixes this problem, allowing you to invite over 16 players to a server, given that you change the setting in the config editor. Whether you have 5 or 15 friends, TooManyFriends helps solve the base game problem with appropriate difficulty scaling and spawn rates.

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2. Actually_Faster

How many times have you died from standing in front of a Scrapper for an extended time, wishing you could just grab the Scrap and leave? Too often, I’m sure. How often have you died waiting for an item to drop after selecting it from a multishop? How often have you sat waiting at a 3D Printer for minutes, sitting through the long animation for a stack of over 20 Bustling Funguses? This mod fixes that and more.

Actually_Faster speeds up every single slow interactable in the game, and can be customized for those who desire only specific aspects of the game to be sped up. You can toggle on and off the sped-up animations for the Scrapper, Printer, Chance Shrine, Cauldron, Cleansing Pool, and Chests. This will allow you to rapidly interact with these objects without having to be in fear of a Blazing Mini Mushroom killing you for standing still for one extra second.

We highly recommend this mod to any who enjoys the Risk of Rain 2!

1. BetterUI – The Best Mod for Risk of Rain 2

The best mod for use in R2Modman has to be BetterUI. This expertly crafted mod reveals the stats of the items in your inventory and the Proc Chances of the abilities in your inventory. BetterUI also shows how Items interact with your abilities and each other, and how they collide. Not only does BetterUI reveal the stats of the items you pick up, but you also can preview the descriptions of items when they’re on the ground in front of you.

This brilliant Risk of Rain 2 mod allows you to check how many charges of ability or item you have and how hard they’re scaling and compare them to alternative options. This mod is a must-have for anyone interested in improving and learning about the game. That’s precisely why we believe it’s the best mod for Risk of Rain 2.

Final Thoughts on How to Play with the Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods

Risk of Rain 2 has a very active and dedicated community that likes mixing up the game’s mechanics or experimenting for everyone’s enjoyment. From new characters to new abilities, there’s something for everyone in Risk of Rain 2. The developers will definitely add more support to modding the game in the future. Remember that you can always share profiles with friends by exporting them as codes and that you can always disable any mods you don’t enjoy.

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We wish you luck on your runs, and if you want more information on how to beat the game in Risk of Rain 2, check out our article on how to achieve every ending.

5 Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods and How to Install Them (2024)


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