All Hades 2 characters: Gods, Titans and more (2024)

Hades 2 returns to the heart of Greek mythology with new protagonist Melinoe, but let’s go through every other character set to join the Princess of the Underworld along the way.

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The original Hades was a breakthrough for the roguelike genre into the mainstream, garnering universal praise for its gameplay and writing and left an indelible impression on the gaming community. It scooped countless Game of the Year awards, which provoked the necessity for Hades 2.

Zagreus is out of Hades 2, but in comes Melinoe—his younger sister. Along with our new hero, let’s see who else made the cut, has been cut, or is making a first-time appearance.

Every character in Hades 2

All Hades 2 characters: Gods, Titans and more (1)

We haven’t been able to lock in all of this information ourselves, which is why the Hades 2 fandom page has been a great help in deciphering those final few characters revealed already in the Hades 2 technical test.

This is every known character so far, and we anticipate many more to be revealed as the full Hades 2 release draws close.


The alluring Goddess of Love and Beauty returns in Hades 2 to captivate our hearts once again. Looking as sultry and seductive as ever, expect a ton of useful Boons from Aphrodite and fighting and flirtatious words.


The first new God in Hades 2 is Apollo—the brother of Artemis, who appeared in the first Hades. We’re still in the early stages of learning about Apollo, but don’t be surprised to see the majestic God offer to shower you in Boons.


Speaking of Apollo’s brother, Artemis is back to assist Melinoe. She proved to be one of the most useful companions for Zagreus in the first Hades by providing critical damage-boosting Boons. Unless something changes, expect her to do the same for Melinoe.


It wouldn’t be Hades unless we had the ferryman of the Underworld himself. Charon is back to row, row, row his boat gently down the soul-infested stream and supply Melinoe with his overpriced wares.


Replacing the role of Hades as an evil overlord, Chronos is the ruler of time itself and also happens to be the father of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. As you can see, he’s not one to be messed with, and Melinoe will have a hard time overcoming him in the long haul.


Demeter is another tick in the return column, and the Goddess of Agriculture once again has a mountain of Boons that will inflict the Freeze status on foes.


Dora is less an explorer and more of a Shad (a spirit in the Underworld) that interacts with Melinoe in her Hades 2 adventure. We don’t know much about her yet apart from the fact she will appear from time to time and run hot and cold depending on the situation and conversation.


The ruler of the Underworld returns to his domain in Hades 2—only the imperious overseer is now captive, thanks to the strong hand of Chronos. Time will tell how he gets involved and if he ends up aiding his daughter, Melinoe.


A newcomer to the franchise, but obviously not Greek lore, is Hectate. She is the Goddess of Witchcraft and other dark arts and will share a close relationship with Melinoe. We don’t know much about her traits or characteristics, but her cloaked figure suggests secrecy and mystery.


Hestia is the Goddess of Flame, and her first showing in Hades 2 is expected to be a hot one. Fire-based Boons should be aplenty, as will dialogue between Hestia and her niece, Melinoe.


Many of Hades‘ light-hearted moments are reserved for when Hypnos is around. As the name suggests, Hypnos faces an almighty battle against the allure of sleep and actively procrastinates on his important duties. He will be able to do so again in Hades 2.


While we all cherish our memories of using Zagreus in Hades 1, it’s time for the rise of Melinoe. She’s the Princess of the Underworld, sister to Zagreus, and daughter to Hades, and her strong and stubborn attitude will go a long way to help overcome the litany of obstacles ahead of her. It will be hard for her to emulate the legacy established by Zagreus, but it will be fun finding out.


The new hits keep coming as Moros throws his name into the Hades 2 hat. Moros is the brother of the Sisters of Fate, and he shares an affinity for all things fate, consequence, and the morbid inevitability of life and death.


As a strong, mighty warrior, the debuting Nemesis is sure to play a big role in Hades 2‘s proceedings. If she is another ally of Melinoe, then her Goddess of Retribution name could make for some tantalizing powers to obtain.


Best known for masterminding the infamous Trojan Horse war strategy, Odysseus has a brain that some of the greatest tacticians in history would be proud to have. Hades 2 is the first time we see Odysseus and you know he’s already plotting some thought-provoking words to share with Melinoe.


The brother of Hades and Zeus, Poseidon is one of Chronos’ three children and featured quite prominently in the OG Hades to give Boons and Duo Boons and make the plucky hero fearsome. He’s back and is sure to guide Melinoe to greatness.


Poor Skelly serves as nothing more than a practice target for Zagreus in Hades. But hold back your sympathy because Skelly is now Schelemeus in Hades 2, and he’s been upgraded from Training Dummy to Training Master—a worthy promotion.


Our final newbie joining the dinner table of deities is Selene. The Goddess of the Moon, Selene favors Morph as her Status Curse of choice. Enemies will be reduced to miniature versions of themselves and Melinoe can reap these benefits and learn her sage wisdom.


Last but not least is the final of the three sons of Chronos—Zeus. The God of the Sky, the God of Thunder, and the leader and ruler of all Olympians. Zeus’ powers are almost a fable within itself. He bestows some of his power and gifts to Zagreus, and now it’s the turn of Melinoe as he makes a triumphant comeback in Hades 2.

There you have it, every character in Hades 2 that we know of so far. There’s probably more to come, so come back to see if we’ve updated the list.

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All Hades 2 characters: Gods, Titans and more (2024)


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