Ari Kytsya: The Rising TikTok and Instagram Star and the Model (2024)


  • 1 Early life and education
  • 2 Career
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  • 3 Moving to California
  • 4 TikTok popularity
  • 5 Dating social media personality Jarcarti
    • 5.1 Who is Jarcarti?
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Ari Kytsya is an American model and social media personality, best known for her profiles on TikTok and Instagram, @notburnttoasthehe and arikytsya, on which she’s amassed over 2.5 million and close to 900,000 followers, respectively. She’s also modeled, created explicit content on the online subscription platform OnlyFans, and released music with her sisters.

Ari Kytsya: The Rising TikTok and Instagram Star and the Model (1)

Early life and education

Ariel “Ari” Danyluk was born on 7 March 2001 in Seattle, Washington State USA. She and her four sisters, Faye, Liesl, Amelia and Vienna, have Canadian and Ukrainian ancestry; they all started an unofficial band called The Danyluks when still young. Ari attendedSkyline High SchoolinSammamish, Washington State, from which she matriculatedin 2020.


Ari started her online career on 3 July 2016, by postinga photo to Instagramfrom her trip to Idaho, during which she visited the Craters of the Moon landscape. Pictures of her traveling to places such as Moab in Utah, and San Clemente State Beach and Joshua Tree National Park in California, during which she went off-roading in a Jeep, immediately showed her adventurous side to her followers.

Making music

Ariel wanted to develop her music career early on, as she posted a link to the danylukmusic Instagram profileon 23 January 2017. The profile contained video covers of various songs performed by her and her four sisters, starting in July 2016. Some artists whose songs they covered were Emeli Sandé, Adele, Lady Gaga, and Sia. The sisters immediately stated that they would call their group“Band to Death”because they didn’t come up with a name. Moreover, they announced that they would record music videos, as they found a videographer working for the 631 Post Creative to help.

Most of their posts were from Nashville, Tennessee, where the sisters presumably moved.In February 2018, the sisters revealed the cover of their debut album, “Danyluk,” and linked to the“Danyluk” page on the Apple Musicwebsite. That showed that their 16-song album was released over a month before the announcement, on 1 January, and featured all five sisters.

It’s unclear what happened to the sisters’ music goals, as they stopped uploading to Instagram in June 2019. However, Ari infrequently posted snippets from unnamed songs that she wrote, one called“Moon Baby,”and their band’s Apple music page showed that they released a 4-song indie rock EP (extended play) album,“On a Roll”on 20 September 2020. The sisters also released four Christmas singles, “Celebrate Me Home” and “Please Come Home for Christmas” in 2021, and “That’s Christmas to Me” and “Angels” in 2022.

Ari Kytsya

— Tiktok Brats X (@TiktokBratsX) September 17, 2023

Sharing her lifestyle

In mid-2017, Ari began posting amateur modeling shots onto Instagram, primarily from Los Angeles, California and Sammamish and Snoqualmie in Washington State, crediting the photographers. She also wrote that she was a fan ofswimming, the sun, and the ocean, and hated winter.

Her life looked exciting and problem-free on Instagram, but Ari demonstrated courage when she posted about sexual harassment happening to her sister and several students inOctober 2017. According to her, a group of boys sexually assaulted an unknown number of teenage victims in King County, Washington State. Unfortunately, the victims were afraid of coming forward with their experience, which only made the boys re-offend. Additionally,her sister Fayehad been the target of false information regarding the assault. That resulted in Faye’s exclusion from social activities and pushed her to discuss the situation publicly.

Ari quickly returned to her positive self, and shared her love for her best friends,Jaielyn PrattandBrenna Pederson, before returning to showing details from her lifestyle, including her outfits, restaurants she visited, and hermake-up. At the time, Ari was a fan of the desert dusk pallet from Huda Beauty and the Killawatt foil from Fenty Beauty. Towards the end of 2018, Ari attended a protest against sexual assault in her school, and shared the sad news thather dog, Mais, passed away.


Ari continued to post amateur modeling shots throughout 2019 and 2020, prompting brands such as Vince Wars, Peach Perfect Wears, Voncleir The Label, and Sincere Sally Boutique to offer collaborations with her. She didn’t respond, but announced in early 2021 that she’dcaught COVID-19, forcing her to take a break from posting for nearly a month. Afterwards, Ari shared that she loved her brown eyes, wished that they would beas appreciated as blue ones, hada crush on TV personality Matt James,and never fell in love with a frat boy.

Following those reveals, Ari had her first notable brand collaboration with Boutine Los Angeles inMay 2021. She then signed with the Angel Agency modeling agent, began referring to herself as ‘Momi,’ and started calling a fellow Instagram model,Elicia Kristen, ‘her mommy.’

In 2022, Ali worked closely with Elicia, who styled and photographed her, and Ꮯhristian Fanning, a photographer based in Orange County, California. Ari also proudly showed her tattoos, began modeling swimwear, and started taking pictures in provocative poses. Moreover, she revealed that she’d visited theBeauty by Dr. Kay Durairaj clinicto get lip injections, then used Revanesse USA lip products to make her lips stand out.

Moving to California

Moreover, she showed herMaine Cooncat Beanieanda brown-colored dogshe got after Mais died. She announced that shecould not live in Seattle anymorein June 2022, and after visiting Puako, Hawaii State,moved to Californiain September, which she said cured her seasonal depression. She brieflylived in a content house in Los Angeles,but disliked the experience. Content house is a term for a group social media account to which personalities upload jointly to boost engagement. In Ari’s case, it involved them living in the same house, which equally promoted teamwork and conflict.

TikTok popularity

Ari gained prominence on her TikTok account, @notburttoasthehe, in the early 2020s, largely thanks to the following that she had on Instagram, and the nature of her content. She posted photos in revealing outfits and swimwear from Seattle and California, which attracted the younger demographic. Arisang when her fansrequested covers and originals, and answered frequently asked questions, particularly after moving to California. She also posted her natural makeup routine, which includedfake freckles, experimented with her hairstyle and hair color, and showed fashion choices at all price points.

In 2023, Ari posted content from her trips to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Maldives, and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She also shared lesser-known facts about herself, such as knowing that she needed to geta wisdom teeth removal operationsince 2019 but only mustered the courage in February 2023.

Moreover, Ari informed her fans that she washouse hunting in March,and wasreturning to Seattle in June. Ari also announced that she wasbuying a new carand asked for advice, and had herlip fillers dissolved andsome Botox injected in their place. Moreover, she admitted to having a breast enlargement surgical operationwith implantsin August 2022. Sadly, she didn’t enjoy having them for long; she went under the knife for acorrection in late October 2023because one of her implants descended from its original position, making her breasts uneven.

Dating social media personality Jarcarti

In early 2023, Ari Kytsya revealed that she wasdating Emiliano M De Contreras, also known as Jarcarti. Shecalls him ‘Dadi’and might bein an open relationship with himbecause she’s uploaded explicit videos with other men to her account on the OnlyFans platform. Moreover, she announced that she would‘join the Mile High Club’in May, implying that she would have sexual intercourse in an airplane. However, that announcement was through a text message with an unknown number, suggesting that it wasn’t Jarcarti.

Who is Jarcarti?

Jarcartiis a rising social media personality, who splits his time between Seattle and Los Angeles, and works in digital marketing and PR (public relations) for Barclay Talent agency. Despite the unclear relationship status, they were clearly together during their vacation to theMaldivesin March, andMaui, Hawaii Statein May.

Favorite things

  • Ari’s favorite color is green.
  • She wants to learn to play the guitar, but plays the piano.
  • Ari’s favorite activity is going on adventures, and she would like to see the entire world.
  • If she could have one wish, it would be to meet everyone who supported her.
  • Ari’s go-to superpower would be teleportation.
  • Her favorite TV show is “Lucifer,” which aired from 2016 to 2021.
  • She rarely reads books.
  • Her favorite movies are all films in “The Avengers” franchise.
  • Her favorite animals are cats.
  • Ari’s favorite candy is Sour Punch Straw.
  • Her least favorite school subject was history.

Physical characteristics

Ari Kytsya has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.62m) tall, weighs about 120lbs (55kgs), and has a voluptuous physique. She also has over a dozen tattoos, primarily on her chest, arms, and thighs, but roses, an angel, an ax, and a human heart on her right biceps stand out the most. Ari hasa low voice, which surprises people who hear her talk, as it doesn’t fit her appearance.In September 2023, Ari announced that she would remove the tattoo on her collarbone in eight laser sessions.

Net worth

Ari Kytsya has a net worth of $1 million, as of late-2023. She previously monetized her Instagram and TikTok accounts through brand collaborations with Boutine Los Angeles, XYZ Clothing, and Dossier Perfumes. However, she has since focused on promoting paid access to her OnlyFans account, for which she charges $14 for 30 days. That proved enough, as she was buying a house and a car in 2023, and could afford vacations to pricey destinations.

Ari Kytsya: The Rising TikTok and Instagram Star and the Model (2024)


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