Slayer task/Scabarites (2024)

Combat level 85
OtherPartial completion of Contact!
Task amounts
Nieve30-60, (130-170)
Advanced data
Icon IDNo

Scabarites refer to any of the "Minions of Scabaras". They are fairly strong monsters that can hit rather hard. To receive them as a slayer assignment, players must have done most of the Contact! quest.

When given "Minions of Scabaras" as a Slayer task, only Scarab swarm, Locust Rider, and Scarab mage will count, along with the Giant Scarab in Nightmare Zone


  • 1 Slayer strategy
    • 1.1 Travel to Sophanem
    • 1.2 Sustainable Setup
    • 1.3 Simple Setup
    • 1.4 Fastest Experience
  • 2 Slayer Unlocks
  • 3 Monster Variants
  • 4 Location Comparison

Slayer strategy[edit | edit source]

Travel to Sophanem[edit | edit source]

  • If you have completed Icthlarin's Little Helper, the magic carpet system can be used to travel to Sophanem from southern Pollnivneach
    • Getting to Pollnivneach can be done by magic carpet or a teleport to POH portal from a Construction cape, a redirected teleport to house or Teleport to house.
    • Travelling from Nardah to Sophanem can be done by magic carpet to Pollnivneach or running south-west.
  • Pharaoh's sceptre will teleport you directly inside the Pyramid Plunder minigame, with the Jalsavrah option.
  • Fairy ring code AKP is just south of Sophanem and becomes accessible once players access the necropolis during Beneath Cursed Sands. It requires 62 agility to cross the river shortcut.
  • Fairy ring code DLQ is some distance away, north of Nardah, but is an option if none of the above are available.

Sustainable Setup[edit | edit source]

A good and sustainable setup is to use full Guthan's equipment to kill locust riders in the Sophanem Dungeon. Use Protect from Missiles in the downtime between healing with Guthan's or food. They use ranged attacks that can hit over 20 on lower- and mid-leveled players. With this setup, you fight one Locust rider at a time; they re-spawn rapidly. Locust riders frequently drop 2,000 coins and noted items. They will occasionally drop un-noted bass for longer sustainability.

While slower to kill, these Scabarites are located close to the dungeon entrance - just to the west - making it easy to bank up the ladder and restore Prayer points in Sophanem. This also makes it easy to stay in one spot and avoid other aggressive enemies and traps. Another alternative is to use Protect from Magic and fight Scarab mages, also near the dungeon entrance.

Be mindful of the floor trap at the entrance of this level. Make sure to bring a lantern or another light source. Bring a tinderbox in-case your light source is extinguished.

Simple Setup[edit | edit source]

Recommended Item: Kandarin headgear 1+ or other unextinguishible light source

A simple way to deal with this task without a Dwarf multicannon or Barrows, is to head to the north west side of the Sophanem Dungeon maze, where 2 Scarab mages spawn. Because this spot is close to the entrance of the maze, which contains a bank and and a prayer altar, it is possible to complete the task using minimal supplies. The mages attack very slowly, allowing for easy prayer flicking. Sometimes the mages will also waste an attack either extinguishing your light, or summoning a Scarab swarm (which also count for the task). Additionally the mages also drop cooked Bass, and noted Raw Lobsters, and respawn relatively quickly, allowing for alternating kills between the two close spawns.

Fastest Experience[edit | edit source]

A fast, but more dangerous method, is to to use the Dwarf multicannon and melee in the Sophanem Dungeon lower floors. Bring prayer potions and high-healing food such as Shark. After banking at Sophanem, go down the ladder and head west past the Scarab mages. Deactivate the nearby trap and go down the ladder (labelled "2" on the above map). Run to the north-west ladder ("1") and go up. Run as far south as possible and take the ladder to the west ("7").

Set the cannon up in the middle of the room and pray Protect from Missiles since the Locust riders hit quite often. With this method, Scabarite tasks take minimal time. It is recommended to keep HP 50+ and manually target the Scarab mages. Alternatively, you could place your cannon and walk back up the stairs and keep going back and forth to add more cannonballs. This lengthens the amount of time it takes to complete the task but lowers your time on the dangerous dungeon floor.

Slayer Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Main article: Slayer reward point

UnlockPoints costNotes
Slayer task/Scabarites (4)Get scabaright on it50Number of scabarites assigned is increased to 130-170.

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

MonsterCombat levelSlayer XPLocationsNotes
Scarab Mage9351.2Sophanem Dungeon
Locust rider9892.5Sophanem Dungeon
Scarab swarm981Sophanem DungeonNot recommended
Giant scarab191 (normal), 316 (hard)137 (normal), 280.5 (hard)Nightmare Zone

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

Sophanem Dungeon (cavern level)Maplink27 Locust riders, 18 Scarab mages,YesYesNo
Sophanem Dungeon (maze level)Maplink2 Locust riders, 10 Scarab mages,YesNoNo

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