TheSkiMaskGirl accidental face and name reveal goes viral (2024)

TooTurntTony tried to keep the identity of TheSkiMaskGirl a secret — but an accidental TikTok livestream face reveal ruined it. Or did it?

We believe that The Ski Mask Girl (TheSkiMaskGirl) has a hidden desire to unveil her true identity and face. When her Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog bit off her mask in front of thousands of admirers as she was participating in a TikTok livestream, the masked TooTurntTony sidekick’s face was revealed. We’ve got the full scoop!


Believe it or not, The Ski Mask Girl’s face was accidently disclosed during a TikTok livestream for the second time. TooTurnTony inadvertently showed her face on his broadcast, despite his best efforts to hide it.

During that broadcast, the girl, who we all know as The Ski Mask Girl (TheSkiMaskGirl), admitted to having an Instagram account while refusing to admit she was the notorious masked blond.

But, after her dog ripped off her mask during her latest live TikTok session, her identity has been confirmed, and she doesn’t seem to mind – after all, she’s totally beautiful, why would she want to hide her face? Perhaps because she pulls some pretty dirtystuntsin TooTurnTony’s videos, but it’s all in good fun, right?

Despite the fact that we were unable to find an uncensored video of The Ski Mask Girl’s unintentional face reveal, she did upload a video to her YouTube channel, but with her face obscured by a “shocked face” emoji. Don’t worry, we know who she is… and we’ll reveal that to you right now.

In her previous life, before becoming a TikTok sensation, The Ski Mask Girl (TheSkiMaskGirl) owned and operated her own social media management company named B. Social Marketing Solutions, with the B denoting Briana, her given name.

The company must have been a success, as she is now a social media super star withover 2 million followers on TikTok and frequently appears on TooTurntTony’s channel, which has close to 14 million subscribers. Some might even claim that the true star of Tony’s videos is The Ski Mask Girl. By theway, you canfind girls on Omegleand some more sites and social media channels.

TheSkiMaskGirl accidental face and name reveal goes viral (1)

Oh look, there’s that same Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog from the viral TikTok video. She looked a little different back then, though. Hair was a darker colour, less makeup and she actually wore clothes. Her name is Briana Armbruster.

Briana Armbruster is The Ski Mask Girl.

Briana Armbrust is, in fact, the TikToker known as The Ski Mask Girl. Of course, she was an entrepreneur at the time and oversaw other people’s social media sites, so she needed to maintain a neat professional appearance.

TheSkiMaskGirl accidental face and name reveal goes viral (2)

Briana Armbruster is an alumna of Eastern Michigan University (TheSkiMaskGirl). In 2018, at the age of 25, she received a master’s degree in Communications and Media Studies.

She left college immediately after graduation and founded her own firm, B. Social Marketing Solutions, at the age of 26, while working for one year as a social media manager.

“I couldn’t be happier to finally share my passion of helping others reach their full potential with all of you,” Briana said about her job.

Her venture, however, was brief. She linked up with social media mogul Anthony D, a.k.a. TooTurntTony, and adopted her name and alter-ego as his lively and kinky masked sidekick, The Ski Mask Girl (TheSkiMaskGirl). Since then, she’s amassed a 2 million-strong following on TikTok and had her glow up.

TheSkiMaskGirl accidental face and name reveal goes viral (3)

Well, there you have it; The Ski Mask Girl’s origin story with a full face, name and history reveal. Let’s face it, she carries TooTurntTony’s content with what she lets him do to her.o

Here are just some of the insane things she has done for content:

  • Worn a 2-piece bikini in freezing Michigan weather.
  • Let Tony hit a golf ball from her mouth.
  • Let Tony hit a golf ball from her butt.
  • Got “Too Turnt” tattooed on her butt.
  • Taken a shot from Tony’s grandma’s mouth (eww spit!)
  • Ate too many “special” brownies.
  • Taken a shot from Tony’s dad’s mouth (eww spit!)
  • A whole lot more.

As a result, it’s reasonable to conclude that her notoriety and 2 million TikTok followers are well deserved. Now that I think about it, I completely understand why she would want to protect her identity. Superheroes must conceal their identities. Go check out her content on TikTok.

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TheSkiMaskGirl accidental face and name reveal goes viral (2024)


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