Eco-sustainable packaging alternatives to replace plastic.


The citizens of the world are gradually adding sustainable initiatives for the care of our planet, to avoid higher levels of pollution, mainly due to the use of plastic. We refer to the above, because it has recently been known that Asian Supermarkets Maintained Using Banana Leaves For Packaging As A Replacement For Plastic.

That’s right, supermarkets in Vietnam have implemented an initiative of banana leaves instead of plastic as the packaging medium. In fact, the Rimping supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand received praise on Facebook for creating the eco-friendly packaging after a local company featured it on their page a few days earlier.

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Supermarket chains have taken the initiative

The idea was all the rage with Internet users and captured the attention of Vietnamese supermarkets. Supermarket chains such as Lotte Mart, Saigon Co-op and Big C have started to follow in the footsteps of the Thai store by also experimenting with banana leaves as a packaging alternative in their stores.

They are still in the testing phase, according to a representative from the Lotte Mart chain, but they plan to replace plastic with foils across the country very soon. In addition to packaging the vegetables and fruits, the supermarket chain also intends to use the leaves for fresh meat products.

Meanwhile, representatives of the VN Express organization lamented that the use of the sheets as packaging is welcome among the many efforts by establishments in Vietnam to reduce plastic waste.

An opportune balance

A recent report pointed out that the amount of Plastic waste Vietnamese, who dispose of around 2,500 tonnes of plastic waste per day. In another report from the Vice organization, you can read about banning or reducing single-use plastic bags in supermarkets, a growing trend in Asia.

South Korea has banned the use of disposable plastic bags, forcing supermarkets and other commercial establishments to provide recyclable containers to customers. Supermarkets in Singapore have also launched campaigns to educate the public about the need to reduce the use of plastic bags. Likewise, Taiwanese stores have started charging for single-use plastic bags to discourage customers from using them.

More sustainable packaging initiatives

Over 200 food packaging and related industry professionals participated in the MeetingPack 2021 virtual edition held in May. In the activity, companies and organizations such as Anaip, Enplater Group, Fkur, Nestlé, Anarpla, Aimplas and Ainia discussed the latest innovations in food packaging, as well as strategic lines to respond to trends in the sector. of barrier packaging with a focus on sustainability and recycling integration.

In Peru, experts on ecological issues spoke some time ago about packaging of prickly pears and pineapple peels, as well as bags of bananas for crops, nanocrystals for making biodegradable plastics and biodegradable packaging. from palm waste.

Every idea and action for the good of all living things and the planet as such will always be applauded. Costa Rica has been a country with citizens concerned with reducing plastic, the practice of recycling, as well as calls for awareness.

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