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Facebook Inks signs deal with French publishers to pay for news content

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Facebook has signed an agreement with a French lobby group that represents 300 French publishers to pay for news content circulating on its users’ feeds, several media reported Thursday, as publishers around the world stressed the need for the social media giant to offset their content that generates advertising revenue for Facebook.


Copyright OK was made between Facebook and the Alliance de la Presse d’Information Générale, which represents hundreds of French publishers like Le Monde, according to the Associated Press.

Facebook said the agreement aims to “to improve the quality ”of the information circulating on its platform, reports the Associated Press.

the financial conditions of the deal were not disclosed, according to the Guardian.

According to the Associated Press, France was the first of the 27 EU countries to enforce Block’s copyright rules updated in 2019, which require digital platforms to compensate news publishers for previews of news content.

Key context

The latest deal comes amid an ongoing power struggle between publishers and digital platforms. Publishers around the world are pushing for Facebook and tech platforms to pay for news content that provides a large portion of advertising revenue for digital platforms, which ultimately reduced advertising revenue for news publishers. According to the Wall Street newspaper, the position of Facebook and Google on the issue is that they help bring traffic to publishers. The tech platforms also claim that compensation for news content broadcast online goes against the “principles open link ”, the Newspaper noted.

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$ 28.58 billion. This was Facebook’s ad revenue in the second quarter of this year, up 56% from the same period last year. The price per ad rose 47%, according to Reuters.


In February, Australia passed a law requiring digital platforms to compensate publishers for news content. Prior to the bill’s passage, Facebook had banned news content on its platform in that country for a week in response to the Australian government’s plan to charge tech giants for news content.

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