Get naturally lifted brows with HCP eyebrow wrapper and applicator solutions


HCP’s precision applicators are a great partner for gel formulas to keep all hair in place

Feathery and brushed arches are the go-to eyebrow look to complement natural beauty looks. HCP’s precision applicators are a great partner for gel formulas to hold all hair in place.

Whatever the style of eyebrows desired, HCP has a suitable fiber or molded applicator … whether it is full and natural, subtly styled or simply nourished.

Displayed from left to right:

Mini Brow – Fiber Brush

A miniature twisted wire brush that achieves a soft but curved result. With efficient product loading, the densely packed bristles grab, lift and comb the brow hairs for a natural look that frames the face.

Mini eyebrows – Stock Pack

A thin stock pack perfect for tint / clear brow gels or nourishing serums to promote eyelash growth. Supplied with slim PBT shank to provide the perfect fit and application performance with smaller scale fiber brow brushes.

  • ABS / R-ABS cap
  • PP / R-PP bottle (61Z)
  • PET / R-PET bottle (6L8)
  • 10mm diameter neck thread
  • OFC: 4.8 ml

Simply Brow – Molded Applicator

Adapted to the gel formula, this simple yet effective molded brush has frustoconical bristles and a soft tip to gently define brows. The square body allows for controlled application to blend and build any style of eyebrow.

Mascara Promo – Stock Pack

A promotional stock pack that is a shorter version of its full-size counterpart; ideal for travel products or for eyebrows. Supplied with a thin PBT rod; suitable for fiber or molded applicator for ultimate versatility.

  • ABS / R-ABS cap
  • PP / R-PP bottle (51U)
  • PET / R-PET bottle (6L7)
  • 13mm diameter neck thread
  • OFC: 7.7 ml

Or … Fun and colorful eyebrows!

In juxtaposition to natural looks, there is a trend for shiny or metallic eyebrows, as makeup looks that bring joy and self-expression emerge.

The ‘Mini Brow’ and ‘Simply Brow’ applicators are completely versatile for brilliant, shimmering or colored formulas to achieve fabulous arcs.

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