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By Kristy Woodford | Holistic welcome group

When it comes to selling your home, one of the most important decisions you will make is which real estate agent you choose to represent you throughout the transaction. The process of selling a home involves many forms, legally binding contracts, large sums of money, and customs and protocols that can vary by state and region. It can be confusing, to say the least.

Choosing the right agent for you is of the utmost importance. How do you choose? Does the agent have to be a friend? Should they be visible in the community through personal promotion? Should they have the most experience? Should they sell the most houses? Should you be recommended by a friend? The answer is that none of these considerations should determine your choice.

I recommend asking some, if not all of the following questions of any agent you are considering, even if they are a friend or a referral from a trusted source.

  1. What do you think makes my / our house distinctive and how will this influence the way you market it?
  2. What avenues will you use to market my home once it’s listed?
  3. How will you keep me informed after my house has been announced?
  4. What is your trading philosophy?
  5. How to determine the best pricing strategy?
  6. Can you give me some examples of when you sold a property for a much higher price than what other agents thought possible?
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of open houses?
  8. What makes you and your business different from your competition?
  9. Are you focused on selling more homes or selling homes for more?
  10. Do you provide staging advice and, if so, how much do you charge for this service?

Before you start interviewing agents, write down your goals. What are your goals in selling your home? Which goal is the top priority? Sell ​​quickly? Win the jackpot? Don’t sell until you’ve accepted an offer on your next home?

What do you expect from an agent? How often do you want them to contact you? Do you expect them to have an open house? If so, how often would you expect one? Understanding what you need and want is just as important as it is to familiarize yourself with any agent you are considering.

Once you know you want to sell your home, get ready to take action. For more advice on preparing and choosing your agent, request our free guide for home sellers by messaging us through our website. And as always, you can reach me directly at 360-508-2800 or [email protected]

Kristy Woodford is CEO of Holistic Home Group, which is affiliated with Keller Williams South Sound. She has over ten years of experience as a residential real estate broker in Thurston County and leads a team of experienced real estate agents serving local buyers and sellers.

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