Massive Spam Attack Ruins Public Games “Among Us”


Just a few days after the US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was playing Among us For an audience of over 435,000 viewers, InnerSloth, the creator of the popular multiplayer title, is working to contain a spam attack that affects most of the game’s community. The hack started spreading through the game’s user base Thursday night. This causes players to spam their match’s text chat with messages that direct people to YouTube and Discord channels with people with the nickname “Eris Loris”, threatening them if they don’t subscribe. On top of that, some of the messages also promote President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign.

InnerSloth said it is “very aware of the current hacking problem” and that it plans to implement a server-side fallback to address the spam problem. Forest Willard, one of the three developers that make up the InnerSloth team, said they started rolling out an update at some point in the middle of the night but that didn’t seem to fix the problem; new reports on spam-filled matches continue to emerge flood twitter. The studio advises people to play private games with friends while they work on solving the problem.

As for the hacker, it seems that their main motive in all of this was trolling people. “I was curious to see what would happen and personally found it amusing,” they said Kotaku. “Anger and hate are the parts that make it fun. If you care about the game and want to go and spam, I don’t like the random visitor on the internet because you can’t [sic] play for three minutes it’s stupid.

As Kotaku draws attention, Among us had burglary problem for a while, but this latest hack is on a different scale. With the help of a dozen volunteers, a hacker claims are able to hit up to 1.5 million games, which in turn affects a total of around 5 million players. At least Among us the subreddit is filled with threads dedicated to the current situation. One, titled “Ok, who is Eris Loris?”Has over 700 comments. As you can imagine most of them have no positive things to say about Eris Loris, but some have also tried to approach the situation with sense of humor.


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