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Times Record News editor-in-chief Claire Kowalick has worked for the newspaper since 2006.

For over 100 years, The Times Record News has proudly provided reliable, accurate, and in-depth reporting to residents of Wichita Falls and surrounding areas.

As the digital revolution continues to change the way people get their information, small town newspapers like TRN must change with it.

For decades, the newspaper industry has relied heavily on advertising to support its news gathering operations.

Some may remember when the Wichita Falls newspaper had a morning and evening edition.

This newspaper ad (unfortunately no date given) brags about a new hotel in downtown Wichita Falls.

The big newspapers were full of print ads for the classifieds of cars, jobs, yard sales and more.

Local businesses would place print ads to attract newspaper customers to their stores and restaurants.

Over the years, free online sites have replaced the need for many of these print ads.

Likewise, online shopping has shut down many brick-and-mortar businesses.

A newspaper headline describes the first successful oil well drilled in the area that would later become Kamay, Texas.  The US Postal Service rejected the name of the KMA community, after Kemp, Munger and Allen, who drilled the first well.  He was changed to Kamay and blocked.

As people increasingly turn to their mobile devices and computers, the newspaper industry must adapt by bringing the news not only to your porch, but also to your digital screens.

With reports and information from a myriad of sources, it can be difficult to determine what is a valuable source of factual information and what is not.

The Times Record News team wants the opportunity to show you what real journalism can be like.

Changes in the advertising side of things mean that your local newspaper needs the support of subscribers more than ever to continue producing quality local journalism that is vital to the community.

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Starting Monday, Times Record News will take the important step of supporting our journalism through subscriptions.

Some of our stories will be reserved for subscribers. This will only apply to exclusive reporting, investigative articles and sports analysis that only Times Record News can provide.

We will continue to have the current model of three free views per month before someone is asked to have a subscription for routine news coverage and public safety information such as crime or weather reports. . Additionally, as we have been doing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, all stories regarding COVID-19 are copyright free.

The evening edition of the newspaper, The Wichita Falls Times, features a photo of men on the moon from July 21, 1969.

There is over a century of combined journalistic experience among the staff of Times Record News.

Over the years, the dedicated reporters at TRN have provided the necessary information about city and county government, schools, Sheppard Air Force Base and the surrounding areas.

At Times Record News, we’re excited to bring readers even more unique and in-depth coverage of local events. We are planning plenty of informative, investigative and reporting stories that you won’t see anywhere else.

As the digital age has changed the way people want to view their news, Times Record News has also changed.

In 2020, Times Record News saw digital subscriptions increase dramatically. At the same time, print media subscriptions leveled off and advertising fell significantly.

Relying on advertising was the go-to solution for decades of print journalism, but like everything, change is inevitable.

The Times Record News print is still going strong, made right here in Wichita Falls with one of the state’s oldest printing presses, always running.

As of March 2020, TRN journalists have been working from home to continue covering the news that matters to you around the clock.

Let us show you the value of reliable, ethical and accurate media coverage provided to you by the people who live here in Wichita Falls.

Accurate coverage of local news is a necessary component of a strong community. Like any good, what we can provide that no one else can offer is valuable.

Nothing we do is possible without you, our subscribers.

Subscriber content will be stories that only Times Record News can provide.

At TRN, we pride ourselves on not only being the first to bring you the latest news often, but also providing accurate and comprehensive coverage available nowhere else.

If you have a TRN subscription, thank you for your support of local journalism.

If you don’t have a subscription, digital-only access is available for as little as $ 3 per month.

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Claire Kowalick is the editor of the Times Record News. Email Claire at [email protected] Twitter: @KowalickNews