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Food packaging company Tetra Pak has said it will cooperate with key players to advance the entire recycling value chain.

Tetra Pak Arabia Area strives to create the world’s most sustainable food packaging, while ensuring that used cartons and packages are recycled.

The food packaging company announced on Friday the launch of its ‘Go Nature’. The Go Carton campaign, aimed at drawing attention to the global climate challenge and getting people to know more about the environmental impact of food packaging.

Tetra Pak said it will work with several key players – alongside more than 170 recycling companies around the world – to advance the entire recycling value chain. The company aims for a sustainable future that includes 100% renewable packages by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

Currently, Tetra Pak cartons contain approximately 70 percent cardboard produced from responsibly sourced wood fibers.

“By strengthening the global cardboard recycling infrastructure, the company can ensure that cardboard boxes are turned into new raw materials and new products, conserving valuable resources used to help build a circular economy,” said Niels Hougaard, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Arabia and Head of Cluster Sales. management for the greater Middle East and Africa.

He explained, “High performance food packaging plays a vital role in feeding the world, but it must be done in a sustainable manner, so that food availability does not come at the expense of the planet.

The company is currently looking for opportunities to improve the way cardboard is recycled.

“We consider it our fundamental obligation to support the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging. That is why, in synergy with food manufacturers, municipalities, recyclers and other industry stakeholders, we are developing and expanding the recycling of paper-based cartons, by helping to make it the most sustainable food packaging in the world, ”he added. .

The company has launched a one-of-a-kind recycling partnership with Saudi-owned Obeikan Paper Industries (OPI) to recycle paper from collected post-consumer cartons.

“OPI has its own company-wide waste management and is ready to start working on programs that increase collection and contribute to a sustainable recycling value chain. A new recycling partnership with Saudi Top Plastics Factory, one of the region’s leading plastic recycling plants, has been formed to recycle leftover plastic and aluminum compound residues resulting from cardboard recycling at OPI. STP brings 15 years of experience in its field, with a recycling capacity of around 50,000 tonnes of plastics per year. These developments combine to ensure that our packaging can be fully recycled, ”he added.

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