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Non-news content displayed in the news

Google Search Manager Danny Sullivan announced via Twitter that Google News was experiencing a bug and the issue would not be resolved until December 1.

The issue identified by Google allowed non-informative content to appear in Google’s news search results.

Google News tab search bug

The tweet stated that a user would have to go through a series of somewhat convoluted steps in order to produce the bug in unrelated search results.

You would have to search the Google News search tab, while doing it with quotes and sorting the search results by date. It’s two more steps beyond just finding the news.


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Searching by date actually requires two more steps, which is to click the Tools button and then click the Sort by date link. This is something the average search user probably cannot do.

Sullivan tweeted:

To test it I did a research [“wordpress vulnerability”] (with quotes) then sorted the search results by date.


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And it worked, Google failed to produce topical results exclusively.

We’ll update this story when the bug is resolved.