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‘SIM swap’ scams stole $68 million in 2021 and how do I stop my girlfriend’s husband from getting his hands on the inheritance I’m leaving him?

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‘SIM swap’ scams stole $68 million in 2021 – here’s how to protect yourself

The FBI warns that criminals are getting victims’ cell phone numbers assigned to new SIM cards, then stealing bank account information and other personal data.

‘They’ve got an uneasy truce’: How do I stop my girlfriend’s abusive husband from getting his hands on my inheritance?

“She’s considering a divorce eventually, but she’s not ready to take that step for fear of what will happen then.” Read more

Would a federal gas tax exemption mean lower prices at the pump? Don’t bet on it, critics say

Some Democratic lawmakers and the White House are reportedly considering the idea of ​​a federal gas tax break. Read more

An unruly passenger tries to open the cabin door, but a crew member saves the day with a shot of a coffee maker

A 50-year-old unruly passenger on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles tried to open the plane’s door after a fight with a flight attendant. Read more

‘It’s really hard for locals to compete’: Out-of-towners have major advantage over locals in America’s hottest housing markets

Migration patterns across the country put pressure on family budgets. Read more

The most common excuses for not buying an electric vehicle are mostly unfounded

Many car buyers still have concerns about electric vehicles, some of which are actually outdated or unfounded. Read more

What is the Alfa Romeo Tonale and why does it come with a non-fungible token?

It could be Alfa Romeo’s competitor in the small SUV space. But what about NFT? Read more

What is a multi-currency account and should you have one?

You might need a more global account for certain banking needs. This is where a multi-currency account comes in. Read more

Wisconsin engineering professor admits scamming foreign students out of $1.2m via bogus tuition scheme

Troy Liu pleaded guilty to accepting tuition fees from Chinese research assistants whose tuition was waived by the university. Read more

A flurry of electric vehicle ads during the Super Bowl led to a huge spike in searches for this particular SUV (hint: even electric puppies sell out)

Seven auto brands aired eight ads, six of which focused solely on their electric vehicle offerings, to a captive audience during Sunday night’s Super Bowl. Read more