Things you forgot happened on Valentine’s Day


From Valentine’s Day is rom-com set on the most romantic day on the calendar, you’d think everyone would go hand in hand. But that, unfortunately, is not in the cards of Morley and Dr. Harrison Copeland (Patrick Dempsey). That’s right: as you may not remember, not everyone ends up paired Valentine’s Day.

However, this does not mean that they are not happy. Morley just isn’t ready to be in a committed relationship that includes marriage – she is “wedded to her career.” Her last appearance is walking her dog at night. This is the perfect ending for her at this point in her life: that’s what she wants, and nothing less.

By contrast, Harrison’s story is full of infidelity. He not only cheats on his wife, but tells Julia that he is no longer with her. This explodes in his face at dinner when Julia surprises Harrison and his wife, who are dressed as a waitress. Julia tells the truth, leading Harrison’s wife to realize she is one of his lovers. She leaves him immediately. Harrison ends the movie himself, recreating all the mistakes he made in his head.

But Valentine’s Dayluckily it ends with a happy twist. All people who looked for love and happiness find it.


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