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Traveling Alaska on a Budget: Things to Do

Of the many modes of ground transportation in Alaska, domestic flights are convenient, trains are scenic, buses are a good deal, and driving may be more economical for a group, according to trip planners.

If you are arriving by plane in Anchorage or Fairbanks, you will find yourself on what is known as the Alaskan “railbelt”, served by the Alaska Railroad, which also extends south of Anchorage to Seward. Travelers can switch to the dome-shaped cars for better viewing of Seward on the railroad Gold Star Service ($ 224 one way from Anchorage in early June, compared to $ 113 in regular cars) or to Denali with the private Wilderness Express service ($ 249 from Anchorage, compared to $ 176).

A connection to the park bus between Denali and Anchorage costs $ 100 one way in summer.

Like other parts of the country, Alaska is experiencing a rental car crisis as demand exceeds supply, resulting in higher rates, almost double statewide from 2019, according to Kayak.

“All over the US we’re seeing high car rental prices, but it can always be cheaper than putting together train and coach combinations, especially if you’re more than two travelers,” Anna said. Harrison, the owner of the agency. Travel observations in Pittsburgh.

Rental cars, however, are hard to come by this summer. By clicking around the Alaska Notice site for a rental car recently I was unable to find a weeklong rental, a compact for $ 473, until the end of August. Travel experts caution against one-way car rentals, which are more expensive than round trips.

Two other ways to save are to settle in Anchorage, which has a range of accommodations, and take day trips, or rent a car, RV or RV and camping.

“Anchorage is a great base for those who are short on time and don’t like to move around every night,” Ms. Harrison said, noting that travelers looking to use loyalty points or miles are more likely to be able to do so. . in the city.