VIDEO: Ted Cruz UNLOADED Democrats for Using Coronavirus Act to Push the Far Left Agenda


Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) denounced the Senate Democrats on Monday for using the Coronavirus Aid Act to push through their far-left agenda.

House Democrats, House Democrats, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Unveiled on Monday torpedoed the inter-party agreement achieved by the Senate. Pelosi’s bill covers billions of dollars for items completely unrelated to COVID-19 relief, including:

  • Funding for the US Postal Service
  • Cancellation of student loan debt
  • Same-day voter registration required
  • Regulations on aviation emission standards
  • Study of climate change related migration
  • Collective Bargaining Laws
  • Increased federal minimum wage for companies that accept government loans
  • Publication of racing and payroll statistics for company boards
  • Dozens of other allocation recipes money for universities, JFK Center for Performing Arts, The IRS, NOAA, museums, migration assistance
  • Is even a requirement that the federal government uses more minority banks and credit unions

The bill would cost taxpayers over $ 2.5 trillion and require some Americans – people who earn more than $ 75,000 and couples who earn more than $ 150,000 in 2020 – to pay a stimulus check, which essentially forces a significant proportion of Americans to receive government loan.

In response, Cruz landed Pelosi and Democrat clubs over the pork bill.

Many people have quoted Rahm Emanuel’s famous quote: “Never let a good crisis be wasted.” Unfortunately, we now see the embodiment of this cynical approach as all the unemployed people Democrats use to push – why are they pushing? Change in emissions standards for airplanes.

Mr. President, what the hell do airline emission standards have to do with thousands of people dying and millions of people out of work during the coronavirus epidemic? Don’t treat this bill as a guerrilla holiday.

Republicans also have things we want to develop, things that I deeply believe in. Would you like to talk about what I’d like to do? I would like to abolish the IRS. I campaigned across the country for this purpose. I will continue to fight for it, but I do not stand here with the amendment saying, As part of this emergency relief, let’s abolish the IRS. There is room for this political and political discussion.

Democrats are pushing for tax breaks on wind and solar energy. Mr. President, what the hell does the windmill have to do with this crisis, other than some democratic lobbyists who get fat and richer and are ready to force a crisis to try and move their political agenda forward?

After all, Cruz said responding to the COVID-19 crisis would “require adults to step in and lead” and urged both Democrats and Republicans not to get involved in political games.
Ted Cruz FREE in the Senate Hall! Orders Democrats to “stop PLAYING!”

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