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ARN Online News Content – Online News Standards and Complaints Policy

Part 1: Online News Standards:

Australian Radio Network Pty Ltd (RNA) and its websites are committed to honest and fair reporting on news content and adhere to the following journalistic principles:

  1. Report, interpret and present the news with honesty, striving for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts.
  2. Remain impartial and not compromise the accuracy, fairness or independence of the dissemination of information.
  3. Be transparent in reporting the news and allow the public and readers to be equipped with the facts.
  4. Use fair, responsible and honest means to obtain information.
  5. Do everything possible to obtain a fair correction of material errors in the information published.

ARN will make all reasonable efforts to comply with the Online News Standards as amended from time to time, however a non-compliance will not constitute a violation of the Online News Standards if the non-compliance involved a minor, peripheral, incidental or trivial matter, or was due to reasonable error, reasonable reliance on information provided by another person, posting of material that was accidental (provided ARN took reasonable care and exercised due diligence), or an act or defect or other person that was beyond ARN’s control, or an accident, technical problem or other cause beyond ARN’s control.

Part 2: Complaints handling policy:

This policy describes how ARN handles complaints for online news content posted on ARN’s websites.

Complaints should be dealt with, assessed and given due consideration depending on the nature of the concerns raised in relation to online information standards. Upon receipt of a complaint, ARN will determine whether or not the complaint is an online news standards complaint (Standard Online News Complaint) and should be considered further. Standard online complaints should be made through the “contact us” email address found on the station concerned.

ARN will review the online news content that is the subject of the complaint and assess its compliance with the online news standards. ARN will take into account any other relevant information and may solicit comments from the relevant internal sales division on the issues raised in complaints relating to the online news standard. ARN will endeavor to respond in a timely manner to concerns raised in writing, unless the complaint does not relate to Online News Standards.

In order for a complaint to be validly considered a standard online news complaint, the complaint must:

  1. Be on online news content prepared and published by ARN;
  2. relate to online news content that the complainant has read or viewed himself;
  3. Be made within thirty days of the first publication of the material concerned in writing to the station via the e-mail address appearing on the “Contact Us” page of the station concerned;
  4. Identify the material complained of in sufficient detail, including website link, date accessed and title;
  5. Sufficient details of the complaint to understand the nature of the complaint;
  6. Provide adequate contact information for a response to be provided;
  7. Not to be frivolous, vexatious or abusive of this complaints handling policy;
  8. Do not be offensive or vulgar.

If a complaint is or may be the subject of an existing or threatened procedure, ARN may choose not to treat the complaint as a standard online news complaint.

If a complaint concerns advertising material appearing on the website published by ARN, ARN may choose not to treat the complaint as an online news standard complaint and may instead refer the complaint to the Office of Advertising Standards.

If a complaint concerns a privacy issue, only the person whose privacy interest is alleged to have been infringed can file a complaint relating to the Online News Standard.

If a complaint is accepted as valid, the complainant will be informed in writing of the outcome of his complaint. Please note that filing a complaint about certain content will not guarantee its removal or guarantee a response.

We reserve the right to change the online news standards and complaints handling policy as necessary. We will post current standards for online news and complaints handling policy on our website. Your complaint will be considered in relation to the policy published on the date of receipt of your complaint.

For privacy complaints, please email ARN’s Privacy Officer at [email protected]

For complaints about content heard via a radio broadcast, please submit a formal complaint via the online portal to the following addresses:

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