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Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora to miss Saturday’s game to attend his daughter’s high school graduation: “It’s probably the biggest day of my life”

BOSTON – Red Sox manager Alex Cora will miss Saturday’s game to attend his daughter Camila’s graduation ceremony in Puerto Rico. Bench coach Will Venable will fend off against the Marlins in Cora’s absence.

Cora will leave Boston after Friday night’s game and return in time to handle Sunday’s series final against Miami. Although disappointed, he will miss Saturday’s game – the first with Fenway Park back to 100% of its capacity – Camila’s graduation has been circled on her calendar for some time.

“It’s time for us to support her,” Cora said. “I can’t wait to be Saturday. It’s probably the greatest day of my life to be able to watch Camila graduate from high school. It’s incredible. She is in fact the life of our family, the atmosphere of our family and she is the head of our family. I can’t wait for this. It will be a special day. “

Camila Cora, daughter of Alex and his ex-wife, Nilda, is the second of Cora’s four children. Throughout her tenure as manager of the Red Sox, Cora has often spoken of the closeness of the two.

“This girl, she represents the world to us,” Cora said. “She’s been through a lot in her life. A child of divorced parents – it’s not easy – but the fact that we were able to work together and put her in the situation she is now. She’s going to college, she’s been great with us throughout the process. She has suffered a lot over the past 16 months with everything that has happened to me, but at the same time, our relationship has grown. I explained a lot to him. She had a lot of questions and I answered all of them.

The absence of a Cora match will allow Venable, who joined the Red Sox as a bench coach this winter, to be a big league manager for the first time.

“For Will, now the pressure at all,” Cora said. “Just go over there and try to win a football game. I told him, ‘No texts, no calls. Just prepare for that. He will be fine. He will be fine. I look forward to Saturday on a personal note and to see Will go out there and do his thing.

Cora will see more of Camila once she is in college, as she will be going to Boston College in the fall.

“It’s been a sprint, but now it’s actually starting,” Cora said. “The fact that she is going to college and we are enjoying that too, it’s going to be amazing.”

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