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Give your employees access to premium news content with a digital subscription from Media24 Group

Media24 now offers digital subscriptions to legal entities.

Access to reliable, agenda-setting information plays a key role in any business, whether small or large.

Whether in the financial, legal or public sector, reliable information is essential to ensure that your employees are informed about world events and how they affect your business.

For four consecutive years, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has named News24 as South Africa’s most trusted news brand. Media24 now offers companies the possibility to give their employees access to exclusive and reliable news content by subscribing to a digital group subscription.

News24 group subscription

News24 group subscription

“We’ve made it easier for businesses of all sizes to access digital news and magazine subscription value for their employees. Access to our trusted wide selection of award-winning titles, from news investigations to lifestyle content, can be used to drive employee productivity, create engagement and increase retention,” says TinaShe Makwande, Managing Director digital subscriptions at Media24.

This latest offer will allow businesses of all sizes to take advantage of discounted digital subscriptions.

Here’s how your teams will benefit from a subscription to News24

  • You give your employees access to surveys, in-depth analysis and opinion pieces from leading minds from different industries, giving them insight into how your business is affected by current events.
  • The subscription gives your employees access to informative webinars that cover broad issues ranging from economics to health and politics.
  • Boost morale and foster employee engagement as they will now be better informed about the news while avoiding misinformation.

The subscription will also give access to your teams; exclusive newsletters, free articles for family subscribers, read and respond to comments on business articles. Your staff will also be able to listen to stories while on the go, an added convenience of being a News24 subscriber.

“In business, information is money. News24’s financial news offers companies the latest information on their sector and the economy. Our reports and analyzes help companies capitalize on current risks and opportunities , while providing employees with an accurate view of the local landscape.” says Helena Wasserman, editor-in-chief of Fin24.

Your employees will also be able to access news from other Media24 publications, including City Press, Netwerk24, YOU and True Love magazines.

To take advantage of this revolutionary offer, register below:

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