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MIB fully briefed on news rating rollout plan: BARC CEO Nakul Chopra

India’s Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) CEO, Nakul Chopra, said the audience measurement body is in regular contact with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) over the rollout of the classification of information. He also said the MIB is fully aligned with the hearing body’s plans.

“We are in regular contact with the MIB. They are fully informed of our plans and they are complying with them,” Chopra told news channels during a webinar on Thursday. Reliable media industry sources, who attended the webinar, told exchange4media.

On the issue of providing opt-in and opt-out options for using data from the previous three months, Chopra said the decision to provide an option was made as a result of subscriber representations.

“We were asked about the need to provide an opt-in and unsubscribe option. A significant number of subscribers have told us that there has been a channel-level blackout for so long for reasons we we’re not going to argue. here. Frankly, those are your reasons and not ours. You prefer your data not to be disclosed, so the board has decided that there will be an opt-in, opt-out option “, he added.

The CEO of BARC India also said that the council does not release news audience data for the entire blackout period as it is constrained by the MIB directive to only release data for the previous three months before the blackout. resumption of news rankings from March 17.

“We have the data for the whole period and, in principle, the BARC board had no problem publishing data for the whole period for the channels that want it and not for those that don’t. We are constrained by the MIB directive which requires us to publish data for only three months,” Chopra said.

Chopra also said that BARC India asks subscribers to pay for data that is not published, as it is a non-profit organization that depends on subscriber revenue. “BARC collected the data, and we reported the data at the gender level. You know we’re a joint industry body that’s a not-for-profit company, so we’re asking subscribers to pay for it,” he noted.

In his opening remarks, Chopra said the webinar was organized to help stakeholders understand Augmented Data Reporting Standards (ADRS) for news and special interest genres. “It is important that the whole ecosystem is properly informed and that there is a good understanding of what these standards are so that when these assessments are published they can be used in a meaningful way,” he said. -he declares.

On January 12, the MIB asked BARC to release ratings with immediate effect in addition to the last three months’ data for the genre in a monthly format for a fair and equitable representation of true trends. Under the revised system, news and niche genre reporting must be based on a “four-week moving average concept”.

I&B Minister Anurag Singh Thakur had informed the Lok Sabha that “BARC is reaching out to all voters to sufficiently inform and educate them on the details of BARC’s revised and augmented data reporting standards and would therefore have need eight weeks (from the date of the ministry’s authorization) to resume publishing the ratings of individual news channels”.

BARC India has decided not to release any channel-level estimates either rolled or unrolled data for the news genre for the period from week 40, 2020 to week 48, 2021 .

When releasing data for the past 13 weeks, BARC said past data will not be available to channels that choose not to receive this data. He also clarified that only four-week moving average data will be provided to channels over the past 13 weeks.

Individual data from channels that request BARC not to publish their data for the last 13 weeks will not be available in the YUMI software. Instead, the data for these channels would be aggregated into the “Other Channels” category, to ensure that estimates for Total TV or Total News remain unchanged from previously published data.

Apart from weekly currency audience estimates, BARC India will also provide unrolled audience estimates and Custom Events Report (CER) for news and special interest genres. BARC has defined CERs as the reporting of an event in a single day during a financial year. It will issue three non-transferable CERs per quarter to each channel based on their specific request. The board noted that these reports would be based on data rolled out for “events” such as special news events, premiere shows, and the like.

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