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Readers were drawn to the news that paper products maker Georgia-Pacific has opened a processing unit to recover fibers from contaminated streams. | Courtesy of Georgia-Pacific.

Articles in the recycled paper and plastic markets have attracted a lot of clicks in the past month. Readers were also drawn to our coverage of the container depot and EPR legislation.

The list below shows our top stories published in May in terms of unique pageviews.

1 | Paper and plastic exports increase in the first quarter
Exports of recovered materials increased in the first three months of 2021 compared to the previous year. India dominated the paper export market, and Canada imported almost one-third of all plastics exported.

2 | GP brings its Juno fiber recovery technology online
Paper products maker Georgia-Pacific has opened a processing unit to recover fibers from particularly contaminated streams that would otherwise be buried.

3 | What is driving the 3-7 plastic market?
The mixed plastics processing industry is experiencing supply issues related to product labeling changes and could be significantly disrupted by chemical recycling initiatives, according to a plastics processor.

4 | Researchers tout the benefits of an American bottle bill
A new report estimates that a national bottle drop-off program would reduce the number of beverage containers every American wastes to 67 per year, from 426 under the status quo.

5 | Maine EPR invoices differ on producer control
Two state proposals under consideration in the Northeast address the central question of extended producer responsibility programs for packaging: Should government or private industry have more control?

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